NHS COVID-19 App, Download Today

Covid Test and TraceThe app has 6 key features that will help to reduce personal and public risk:

  • Trace – alerts the individual if they were in close contact with a confirmed case.
  • Alert – provides the individual with the risk level associated with coronavirus (COVID-19) in their local area, based on the postcode district they enter.
  • Check in – allows the individual to check in to locations via the app and official NHS QR codes.
  • Symptoms – allows the individual to check symptoms against government guidance and to get advice.
  • Test – allows the individual to order a free test and to receive results and advice via the app.
  • Isolate – provides an isolation ‘companion’, which counts down how many days they have left to isolate and provides links to useful advice.

Bluetooth needs to be enabled on the phone as the app uses Bluetooth low energy to anonymously assess the distance, over time, between people who have downloaded it.



If an individual with the app tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19), the app will ask them to allow those that they have been in contact with to be alerted. If so, the app will then alert relevant individuals if they have been in close contact with a positive case. ‘Close contact’ is based on an algorithm, but generally means you’ve been within 2 meters of someone for 15 minutes or more. Individuals are not informed who the positive case is.







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