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Harlestone Manor Parish

Neighbourhood Watch

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If you would like a Neighbourhood Watch window sticker please contact Cllr. Stewart Clark


New Neighbourhood Watch signage will be going up across the Parish in the next few weeks.



Our vision

Our vision is a society where neighbours come together to create safer, stronger and active communities.

Our mission

Our mission is to support and enable individuals and communities to be connected, active and safe, which increases wellbeing and minimises crime.

Our values

In all our work and relationships, we will be relevant, accountable and inclusive. We aspire to be:

We aspire to be good neighbours.

Community focused
We bring people together.

We are welcoming to all people.

We are active within communities and we are relevant in today’s world.

We are dependable, caring, respectable, approachable and supportive.

We work as a team, in partnerships and within communities.


there safety in neighbours