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Councillor Simon Elton-Thomson

Simon Elton-Thomson


I joined Harlestone Manor in 2017 when the development was still very young and I have witnessed it’s evolution through a number of already notable milestones not least the construction of Loxton Fields and the incorporation of the new standalone parish “Harlestone Manor Parish”.

I am keen to ensure that all people from all backgrounds are considered as this parish continues to grow and develop.

I have spent the majority of my career working with the Business Support sector and understands meeting the needs of ever changing environments can be tough, however having the right people with the right amibition in the right roles can ensure a clear route to delivering successful outcomes, Which is what I hope to bring to the Parish Council.

It is an honor to be in a position to work with other residents to help shape our community, and I am delighted to have embarked on this journey right at the very begining. This is a truely historic time and I look forward to the challenges ahead.