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Lady with horse

Rachael Hollely-Thompson


I have lived in Harlestone Manor since 2017, moving here with my husband Ed, and our dog Meeko. We love walking and so the proximity to the firs played a big part in our decision to relocate here.

I was initially involved in the Community Group and really enjoyed being able to contribute to the running of events and meet my neighbours. Being part of the Parish Council will enable me to become more involved and allow me to make a difference in the area that I live.

In my professional life I work for a large equine charity and wear two hats. Firstly, I lead a team of staff and volunteers that organises national equine competitions and other events throughout the country. I am also the editor of the quarterly magazine that is received by members.

I am really looking forward to getting stuck in and using my skills and experience to the benefit of the local community.