Jackie Kimbrey

I’ve lived in Harlestone Manor since December 2015. I live here with my husband Paul, and between us we have five children ranging from 16 to 45! Being one of the first families to move in, we have seen the area grow from  just a muddy field into two thriving estates. We are keen to see this community grow, and have actively involved ourselves in projects such as installing the Tommy Statue at the entrance to Harlestone Manor. My career has spanned a variety of public sector roles and I currently work full time as a manager in the NHS. My professional background includes performance management, service improvement and business development. I feel honoured to have been co-opted onto the Parish Council and am looking forward to working with my fellow councillors to make this a parish of which we can all be proud.

Stewart Clark

I have lived on Harlestone Manor since it was built, moving here from Durham for work in December 2015. I am 47 years old, married to Vicky Clark and have two children, I also have two dogs who keep me active and walking around this beautiful area.

I am pleased to have been voted to the position of Vice Chairman of the Council.

I have been an active member of the community since moving here and I am passionate about the area we live in, always the best for all.

I am particularly keen on our safety and security and I am your Neighbourhood Watch coordinator. I want the best for the area we live in and hope to be involved in the public and open spaces within the Parish. I am finding the role on the council challenging but hopefully with a little effort we can ensure we live in a Parish that is well managed, friendly and responsive to the community.

Lorna Beard

I moved to Harlestone Manor in October 2015 when the estate was still being built having brought off plan before the first hole was dug and have loved being here ever since.  I live here with my husband Paul, three children and two dogs.

I work as a head teacher with a specialism in safeguarding and inclusion.  We live in such a great part of Northampton and I believe that as the Parish grows we have the opportunity to further develop the Parish  through the work of the community group alongside the Parish Council.

Lots of us live with young people and I would like to develop their voice and participation in shaping the area into a truly inclusive and welcoming part of town.

Christopher Bryant

I moved to Harlestone Manor in May 2016 where I live with my wife Kryssy, three young children and family dog.

A huge pull to move to the parish are the children’s parks, open spaces and adjacent Firs for walks and bike rides that we regularly enjoy as a family.

With a background in multimedia and a career working with technology I endeavour to provide technical support to the website, online communications, and any live events held within the parish. I am also keen to help ensure our local children have a safe outdoor environment to play in.

I am honoured and fully respect my role as councillor to represent and work with the residents of the Parish to drive positive change and ensure every single member of the community is represented by the council as best, we possibly can.

Rachael Hollely-Thompson

I have lived in Harlestone Manor since 2017, moving here with my husband Ed, and our dog Meeko. We love walking and so the proximity to the firs played a big part in our decision to relocate here.

I was initially involved in the Community Group and really enjoyed being able to contribute to the running of events and meet my neighbours. Being part of the Parish Council will enable me to become more involved and allow me to make a difference in the area that I live.

In my professional life I work for a large equine charity and wear two hats. Firstly, I lead a team of staff and volunteers that organises national equine competitions and other events throughout the country. I am also the editor of the quarterly magazine that is received by members.

I am really looking forward to getting stuck in and using my skills and experience to the benefit of the local community.

Paul Nunley

Lucille Watts

I have lived in Harlestone since 2012 and watched Harlestone Manor and Loxton Fields being developed before finally deciding to move to Loxton Fields in 2020, with my partner Simon and our dogs Charlie and Coco.

The countryside and Harlestone Firs were a huge draw to staying in the area and I joined the Parish Council to help care for our local community, it’s public open spaces, promote wildlife and work on climate change projects in the area.

In my professional life, I have worked across both public and private sectors in variety of roles including business development, project management and service development. 

I am keen to ensure the Parish Council serves the whole community and look forward to working with my fellow councillors and the residents of our Parish to create a community we are all proud of.

Paul Thomas

I was born, grew up and went to school in Oxford, I lived in Wimbledon for 7 years before moving to Harlestone 20 years ago.

I live on a small farm that keeps me very busy with horses and allotments.

Apart from my friends, family and grandchildren, my passions are my classic Volkswagens, football, music and my dogs.

I have been a Parish Clerk since 2017 and was extremely honoured to be appointed as the first ever Clerk of the Harlestone Manor Parish Council on 1st April 2020

My aim is to be part of a Harlestone Manor Parish Council that is active, committed, friendly and inclusive. A Council that cares for it’s community, manages it’s open spaces and promotes wildlife, to be aware of climate change and to be as green a parish as possible.